Cancellation Policy

The office requires 24-hour notice for cancellations of sick-visits, physicals, well check-ups for women and children, and echo and vascular study appointments.

The office requires 48-hour notice for cancellations for Sleep Study Appointments during our office hours. 

If this courtesy is not extended to the office, the fees listed in our office policy form will be imposed. This fee is your responsibility and will not be covered by your insurance. Should you incur this fee, it must be paid by your next office visit.

Please do not call our answering service to cancel appointments. When making appointments, please be sure to give a phone number where you can be reached directly to confirm your appointments.

Medication Refill Policy

Please have your provider refill all prescriptions at the time of your office visit to last until your next visit.

Please note:

  • No prescriptions refills can be done by the on-call provider.
  • Medication refill policy long-term/chronic medical relief medication refills will be done by provider at the office visit for follow-up chronic medical conditions and at complete check up.
  • Please request refills at the time of the visit. Bring your medication bottles or a copy of your medication list along with refill information. Providers will refill medications with a supply to last you till your next visit.
  • Please do not enroll in auto refill. This will prevent medication errors and confusion.
  • No controlled drugs can be given by covering providers. In extreme circumstances, the covering provider may be able to prescribe a small quantity of medication to last you until your provider is available.

Inclement Weather Policy

Please call the office’s main phone line at 301-989-0193 before leaving your home to see if the office is open on time. We make every effort to stay open when possible. The message will be updated by 7 AM if there is any change in office hours.