Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services for our patients from age range newborn to geriatrics:

Adult Physicals

Complete physical assessment, fasting blood work, may have other tests ordered.
Preparation: Arrive 15 minutes before appointment time. Fasting from midnight the night before (may drink water, black coffee and tea with no cream or sugar). Will need to leave urine sample. If you are on medication for hypertension, please take your blood pressure medications with water even though you are instructed to fast.

Annual Wellness Visits


Echocardiogram is performed by a certified echo technician and read by a cardiologist.
Noninvasive-ultrasound imaging of the heart.
Preparation: None.


Holter Monitoring


All vaccinations including, but not limited, to influenza vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, and more.
Given during Fall and Winter seasons.
Preparation: None.

Laboratory testing

Drawing of blood.
Preparation: None.

Sick Visits

Assessment of symptoms with diagnosis and treatment. Referral may be given, if needed.
Preparation: Bring insurance cards and photo ID.

Sleep Studies

Monitoring of your body during sleep to diagnosis reason for sleep disturbances.
Preparation: A detailed packet will be given when appointment is scheduled.

Substance Use Disorders (alcohol/Opioids) Treatment 

We have an internist who is board-certified in addiction medicine who can help patients with substance use disorder alcohol or opioids.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services (when deemed appropriate) to services provided.

Vascular Studies

Vascular studies performed by a certified vascular technician read by a vascular specialist.
Noninvasive test used to assess blood flow in arteries and veins.
Preparation: Avoid eating solid foods 4 hours prior for the abdominal arterial ultrasound.


Complete physical, immunizations, additional tests may be ordered.
Preparation: Arrive with parent/guardian. Will need to bring immunization records from previous primary care office.


Breast Exams, Pap smears, and routine female problems.
Preparation: Will need to leave urine sample.